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You've decided you would like an OakTree Westie but just don't know how to go about getting a puppy from Northwestern Wisconsin to your home. What are the alternatives.


#1 Drive to OakTree

The first and preferred alternative is to drive to pick up your new West Highland White Terrier in person at OakTree. This is a good choice as Westies ride well and it is the only choice if you are within a long day's drive of Sarona. You'll want to bring a small crate with you and soft material for the puppy to curl up in. Both a water and food dish are needed as well as a container for the water.

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Picking up "Tru" at OakTree!


#2 Fly & Take Puppy Back in Cabin


The second alternative is to fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul, rent a car and drive to Sarona (about 2-1/2 hours), pickup your puppy, return to Minneapolis and carry-on your Westie puppy in a Sherpa bag where he or she will ride under your seat on the trip home. From those that have chosen this alternative, all have reported good experiences. You will need to be sure your airline accepts puppies in cabin (most all do, some require a nominal fee). If you choose this method of transport, make sure to let me know in advance as I will be conditioning your puppy to a Sherpa bag in advance of the day of pickup to insure a Westie puppy that more than likely will sleep on the plane.

The third alternative is to ship the puppy Air Cargo (in the heated cargo section of the plane).


#3 Air Cargo Priority Pet 

This is the procedure for shipping your puppy so you can check some things out and be prepared.

You'll get a priority mail with information on feeding/housebreaking, supplies etc. along with your final invoice and sales agreement, pedigree, etc. well in advance of the big day!   Puppy’s health record will travel with him as he will have additional vaccinations before his flight. Please return the signed sales agreement along with your final payment. Puppies will be a minimum of 12 weeks when shipped and very able to handle the stresses of the trip. In advance of their departure date, I acclimate them to their crates, the outside temperatures and to strange loud noises so they will come to you with as little upset as possible.

I will be sending your puppy on Northwest Airlines Air Cargo so you should find the Air Cargo office at the airport and ask them what their requirements are for accepting the shipment of your puppy as per identification and payment of shipping charges (puppy will arrive freight collect) as occasionally they will require cash payment of charges.  

Shipping time of day will be governed by temperatures and available flight times. Your puppy may arrive in the afternoon or evening. I book puppy's reservation 48 hours before shipping  and then confirm the evening before to be sure of the weather forecast for the next day. I will email and/or call with the air bill number and flight number after booking. (You must have the air bill number to collect your puppy at the Northwest Air Cargo office so don't leave without it.) 

The day before shipping your puppy will have a last health check here; and, puppy's Health Certificate (required for shipping) will be issued by our vet. The morning of the flight I will make the 2-1/2 hour trip to Minneapolis and check in your puppy. If for any reason the flight is delayed or canceled, I will notify you immediately so I should know what phone number can reach you both the evening before flight and the day of flight. (This has only happened once in all the years I have shipped puppies).  

To reassure you, I ship with Northwest Airlines as I have used them for over 20 years without incident. They take great care to see that the puppies arrive in good condition. Is flying completely safe? No. Nothing is--even driving home in your car you can have an accident. Am I happy to ship via the airways? As you can see above it is my third choice. But I generally find few problems in flying puppies.

Food & water will be taped to the shipping crate. Offer your puppy water on arrival, however, do not feed him until you reach home. You will need to take a collar   9-12" adjustable is good) and leash. I remove collars to ship for safety sake. Actually, I recommend puppies never wear collars in their crates as they might (especially with tags on) get caught in the door or ventilation grills. You might also take a damp wash cloth and towel just in case your puppy soils his crate.  

If you have any questions, please ask.


For More Information Contact

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